Sacred Gatherings

Invitation. To connect with your wholistic being ∼ body, mind & soul. 

Safe Space. Dedicated to self-exploration, self-inquiry and embodiment.

Practice. A commitment to engage with the moment & prioritize your well-being.

Curiosity. No prerequisites required, a simple desire to play, observe and feel. 

Listen. Gentleness and kindness with yourself, set your own boundaries.

7-Week Path to Wholeness

Chakra Spring Session

I am inspired by the wisdom of Spring, inviting us to awaken to our potential and aliveness. We are multi-layered beings, seeking to be nourished wholistically.

Just as we prepare and lay fertile soil for a sound foundation for growth, I believe addressing and acknowledging our diverse needs, desires and creative possibilities is also foundational as we evolve here on this Earth. Without this kind of awareness, how are we to recognize our own potential and flourish harmoniously?

The chakra system supports a quest for greater self-understanding. As complex human beings we all are, the chakras offer a map for wholeness, integrating mind, body and spirit. Opening ourselves to this system is opening ourselves to a rich and colourful journey. May this introductory session allow you to taste this powerful tool for both personal and planetary growth.

How it works:

Every 70mins class will dive into and explore a specific chakra. Everyone is welcome. All you needs is a mat, a blanket, a journal & pen and a block (optional).

Registration before any class is required to attend the live session or to have access to the recording replay to practice at another desired time (link sent to your email and available for a week).

Pricing is 10$ per class. You can make an e-transfer at: / Password: Chakra

My invitation is to cultivate various self-exploration exercises such as conscious movement & breathing, meditation and journaling, for greater awareness of your inner World, where all is inter-related and seeking to be aligned.

My wish is that you leave every class feeling like you’ve contacted with an important part of yourself, that you’ve gained greater clarity to what could serve you best. At once an inspired yoga class emphasizing personal development.

Thank you for your curiosity and I look deeply forward to connecting!

“In a fragmented world where mind is severed from body, culture from planet, and the material from the spiritual, we have a deep need for systems that allow us to reclaim our wholeness. These systems must allow us to integrate mind and body and take us to new and expanded realms without denying the mundane realities we all face on a daily basis.”
Anodea Judith

Root Chakra
Physical Identity

Invite grounding, embodiment, nature, health, safety, structure, prosperity and belongingness

Thursday, April 14th 7am (EST)

70mins practice

Sacral Chakra
Emotional Identity

Invite emotions, movement, sensuality, feeling, sensation, pleasure

Thursday, April 21st 7am (EST)

70mins practice

Solar Plexus Chakra
Ego Identity

Invite will, power, energy, strength, self-esteem, sovereignty, courage

Thursday, April 28th 7am (EST)

70mins practice

Heart Chakra
Social Identity

Invite love, compassion, acceptance, relationships, intimacy, balance

Thursday, May 5th 7am (EST)

70mins practice

Throat Chakra
Creative Identity

Invite communication, listening, creativity, vibration, sound, resonance

Thursday, May 12th 7am (EST)

70mins practice

3rd Eye Chakra
Archetypal Identity

Invite vision, imagination, dreaming, remembering, light, clarity

Thursday, May 19th 7am (EST)

70mins practice

Crown Chakra
Universal Identity

Invite higher power, union, consciousness, wisdom, transcendence

Thursday, May 26th 7am (EST)

70mins practice

girl, meditation, nature


Sangha Yoga, Art of Meditation -- 50h (2021)
Studio Mile End, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga -- 200h (2020-21)
Espace Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Consultation -- 60h (2019)
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, Hatha Yoga -- 200h (2014)
A lifelong student and practitioner of different conscious movement practices, I also attend workshops regularly.

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