A Snowy Alley Walk


dense 15cm of snow had just fallen. I could see wind gusting and snow still dwindling from the comfort of my cozy apartment. A walk nevertheless still felt quite appealing for my daily dose of fresh air. “No excuse!”, came to my mind. The city snowblowers had not come yet leaving us, walkers, to pave the way. As I always let my intuition guide my walks, this day was no exception. My natural tendencies lead me to alleys, a scenery that feels more comforting and eclectic. I noticed being the sole adventurer on these paths that morning. As I turned to another snowy white blanket alley, I started looking down at my boots, plunging deeply into the snow. It was at once, a more physically demanding walk yet, it became a philosophical one too.  

As I took another step forward, I noticed how none were in front of mine to mimic. No bootsteps in sight. I was left to choose my own way. I could decide to go through in a straight line, choose to zigzag or maybe even hop. I naturally chose a mix of it all and began to embody what it felt like walking one’s unique path. I started questioning, why I felt it was sometimes so scary while other times so adventurous and exciting. I felt my body warming as I walked more vigorously to these thoughts. 

Inquiry and trust came to mind.

Inquiry. As you begin to question more deeply what it is you wish to experience in life, you may start to notice that you are off track, as if walking someone else’s path from early conditioning, pleasing others, or trying to “fit in”. You might question if the steps you are taking are coming from a heart-felt stance or one guided by your rational mind, keeping you in comfort. You might feel a deep yearning to make changes that would allow you to come closer to that very thing your Soul has been nudging at you for, that little voice awaiting to be seen and heard. Listen. What does it tell you?

Trust. What if that path you wish to take seems to make no sense for no one else but your own Self? What if you feel a pull towards doing something that feels so much more YOU, but it just seems unrealistic, goofy, too far-fetched or demanding you to expand out of your zone? What if you came to realize that there will never be anyone who will pave the way before you; that you are sole responsible for the authentic life you wish to lead? Listen. How does it feel to invite that self-responsibility?

As I continued my own snowy path, I envisioned my journey as one where I could either choose to feel disempowered or empowered. When cultivated and treasured, I realized that inquiry and trust were amazing components of an internal compass that held a possibility for clearer and more authentic direction.

When you question yourself, you bring your attention to reflect on what truly matters to you – not what matters to your friends, nor your family and societal expectations but really what matters to YOU!  When you trust yourself to take decisions based on what deeply calls your name, your steps, may they be big or small, become aligned to that unique path of yours. Ultimately, leaving you feeling empowered about the choices and directions you take in life!

Clearly not expecting such insight from my walk, I felt like this could be an interesting exercise to re-do when feeling doubtful, stuck or anxious about one’s path. As your unique journey is continuously evolving, decisions and call to action will remain. So how to befriend such moments when a need of change arises or when you feel misaligned with your own Truth? I invite you to cultivate Inquiry and Trust…and certainly go for a walk to immerse yourself in Mother Nature’s inspiring powers!

Choose to walk the world following your own compass.

As I was exiting the last alley, I glimpsed back and saw my footsteps so clearly. A smile came to my face as I realized that they all mattered. Every step led me to this point. The courage to take the first step, the small steps, the incremental changes. They are what lead us towards our dreams and aspirations, the grander expressions of our steps.

May you remind yourself that where you are right now, is as precious (if not more!) as where you wish to go. Do your own walk, take one step at a time, savour the journey even with all of its uncertainties…it is the only way forward towards leading a life designed by you!

Listen to your heart

Walk courageously

Wear your adventure boots

Inquire & trust yourself 

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