The Beauty Way

She decides to experience life in her own authentic way. To trace, walk and dance her path to her own rhythm. She decides to listen to and prioritize her intuition & her burning desires. She decides to be unapologetic about it all.

She is the Fire Keeper to her own aliveness. Her passions, her direction, her commitments. Solely responsible to continuously nourish and care for her Self, her Truth. 

She gives herself permission to feel deeply, to feel the joy and the pain, that both co-exist. She claims her right to be here, to have her needs met, to belong, to have a special part to play. 

She listens to her inner voice who has so much wisdom to share. She also becomes an empty, yet full vessel, to receive transmissions and inspirations, in service for humanity. She is supported by mysterious grander forces. 

She is showing up, doing the work, the healing…gently and slowly. Tasting her Essence, her Truth. 

As her Higher Callings emerge, she honours her Higher Self, her life’s invitations. There is no looking back, to the sides or even in front. 

She looks within and knows the way.
The Beauty Way to her Soul, to her Heart.

No forcing. No fighting. No controlling. 

~~ Healing. Releasing what no longer serves her, to experience and taste true…






She surrenders more and more ~ remembering she will be held.
She trusts more and more in herself and in life ~ remembering that all is taken care of.
She remembers that all is divinely guided. 

She welcomes it all, embracing the treasures of The Beauty Way

Liberated Dance. Wherever she goes. Freedom.

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