Winter Teachings


ynching and inspiring my life with the natural cycles offered by Mother Nature are practices I newly have been integrating in my life. We certainly cannot contest that she holds many secrets to a well-balanced and connected life. Happily, Earth-based wisdom is freely available to us all if only, we are open to observe, listen and invite the teachings within.

In the past, I’ve perceived Winter as a depressing season, lacking uplifting energy. Being naturally inclined to all that is so lush, warm, alive, and bright, the bareness and death-like feel of Winter has often left me feeling depleted and uninspired. I used to plan trips around Wintertime, thinking that I could escape and save a few dull and cold Wintery months. This particular year, I came to question why? Why avoid such a natural part of our life cycle? Why neglect its offerings and teachings? Why not try to see and sense the beauty even in such lifelessness?

In society, we are conditioned to believe and lead a life in constant movement, quickness, and development, as if it was the ultimate way of living and succeeding. The rhythm of our lives never seem to shift. We seem to always be on the go, filling up our agendas and to-do lists, wanting and doing more and more and more. An eye-opening quote from Llewellyn Vaughan Lee: “Perpetual expansion is like the myth of constant economic growth, something that cannot be sustained and is not natural.” Does this resonate with you? Do you truly believe that humans can sustain on a constant, fast-paced and highly stimulated rhythm? How does slowing down to integrate and bring upon introspection and deep nourishment come into our lives?

Well, that is the beauty of our snowy white Winter. This yin season invites you to retreat, to bring in more comfort, to turn inwards and release busyness for healing. Just like our fury friendly bears who hibernate, you can also be inspired to invite deep restoration.

How could that look like without having to change your whole life around? Small changes can come a very long way. By consciously choosing to interact with life differently, you can certainly bring on some Winter wisdom to your own benefit. Here are just a few examples:

  • Spending more time alone making creative and expressive works
  • Integrating a daily meditation or a gentle and slow movement practice
  • Creating a before bedtime ritual and early sleep schedule
  • Cooking and eating comforting warm meals that nourish you deeply
  • Journaling about the essentials of your life, a great reminder!
  • Saying “no” freely to invitations that you know will interfere with your sleep or be too overstimulating for your present mood
  • Questioning what death represents to you (“Sadly, in our culture dying can seem like failure – we lack the wisdom of letting things die.” Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee)
  • Letting go of something that no longer serves you and making a ritual around that
  • Going for a nature walk, dressed warmly and embracing the fresh air on your face while you notice the bareness of life. Can you perceive the beauty?

Winter can be a moment to return to your bare essence, just like the leaves fall off their trees, leaving nothing but the core of the tree standing. That nakedness might seem offsetting at first but truly, it can become quite delicious to experience life in such simplicity and essentiality. Being less active and inviting more silence in one’s life doesn’t mean it becomes a boring one. It rather leaves room to just BE; a great relief for our constant need to be out and about. Trust me, you won’t be missing out on anything. You will likely feel more connected to yourself and more replenished to greet the blooming season ahead.

Thank you, Mother Earth.

May we admire and come to honour and sync with your seasonal teachings.

Thank you winter.

Bare Beauty. Replenishment. Nourishment. Comfort. Reflection. Silence. Slowing down. Essentiality. Retreat. Healing. Nakedness. Solitude.

I now feel more rejuvenated to greet you blooming Spring.

If these words spoke to you, share to those who could benefit:

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