My Story of Returning Home

After so many years of trying to fit in, forcing herself to conform, to perform, to compete, to wear masks, to please, to perfect, to play the game, she came to the edge of a rocky storm where she was faced to choose. Either to purse this unauthentic way and lose even more of her sense of self, where she felt despair, frustration, loneliness, rigidity, and separation.

Or to stop.

Listen. Invite silence within. Return to the dark humid cave. And wonder: Could there be another way?

A way to return home.
Home to her deep soulful longings
Home to her innate, natural gifts
Home to her feelings, her revealing sensitivity
Home to her need for authentic connection
Home to her wisdom, insight, intuition, creative expression
Home to her sovereignty, her power to choose
Home to her clan, Clan of the Wolf Heart
Home to her grandest teacher: Mama Earth
Home to her body wisdom, cyclical nature and sensuality
Home to her need for rest, slowness, introspection
Home to her own natural beauty & all around
Home to her heart, to self-love & acceptance of her difference, her alternativeness, her visionary nature
Home to the sacredness of this life’s unique invitation.

And so, she ventured courageously, with deep surrender where she felt the Ecstatic Call. She chose to Trust the longings of her Soul, where she could hear the whispers of her name. “Come, come here, my child.” Fully devoted and engaged on this path of reclaiming her true Self, she went on wholistic nature retreats, discovered plant allies, dance rituals, sisterhood circles, sacred ceremonial gatherings and psychospiritual teachings.

Healing, transformational these all were. And so, she remembered. She finally could unapologetically lay bare naked, where she recognized her true Essence. Her Truth had been revealed, a true liberation as she had discovered the teachings of The Wild Feminine Way.

From this embodied, personal, experiential space, she has been Called to gift back what was given to her, guiding the way back to remembrance, to taste our creative, loving, spiritual and natural wholeness.

Annik Mitterer

My 3 Pillars

These are my foundational principles and philosophies from which I live and lead by. The roots of my tree. The rich soil and nourishment I tend to. Where I stand firmly, devotionally from and where I source my inspiration and offerings.

A wholistic grounded vision that embraces the sacredness of life, the creative lifeforce within and the Soulful invitations of one’s precious existence.

I choose to see beauty all around and walk this sacred journey with an open heart and in gratitude for all that comes my way!


Earth Guardian

We are sons and daughters of Mother Earth. Since our worldly arrival, she has nourished and held us unconditionally. Yet, we have forgotten this true, loving connection. Her wisdom and precious, abundant gifts have been unfortunately discarded or taken for granted.

Reawakening to her, developing a relationship that honours our cyclical nature, sentiment of belongingness and true appreciation for her gifts are invitations we are all encouraged to embrace.

Through ceremonies, rituals that honour her elements, the changes in seasons and of the moon cycle, welcoming plant medicine, natural food, and animal spirit as allies, we naturally come to make one with life!

May we remember to care and protect her, be in gratitude for the gifts she provides and connect again and again as we are an extension of Her.

Soul Expression

We all have an artist within, inspired by the creative lifeforce that seeks to reveal our unique momentary expression, our Essence. Discovering and cultivating practices that nourish our intuition, authenticity, and connection to Source, are invitations I believe accessible to all.

The Feminine Way seeks to reawaken our creativity as a way of engaging with our aliveness, developing an imaginative approach to life as new ways of thinking and problem solving emerge.

My personal healing art pathways are through writing, storytelling, dancing, singing, and cooking.

May we remember that we are all expressive in nature. To uncover our creativity is to retrieve the buried feminine!


We are all unique in nature. No being is alike and holds the same story nor gifts. I must admit being quite fascinated by our existence and life’s invitations. I’ve always felt there was a rich meaning behind our aliveness and uniqueness. It can’t simply be about consuming and following an already prescribed path.

I believe the greatest gift we can offer ourselves is knowing thy self, one’s True self. Returning to our natural ways and listening, being curious to discover what Calls our name as a true pilgrimage! As we peel off the masks from conditioning and reclaim our Truth, we come to experience greater inner peace and self-understanding. Birthing ourselves anew, so that what we do reflects who we authentically are.

May we remember and uncover our natural gifts and invitations, find our just place in this world, take genuine responsibility for it and courageously lead our lives from the heart!

Welcome to my World, one meant to be shared!

I am a lover of life, beauty and ceremonies
~ Fascinated by our existence and Soulful invitations
I am sensitive, intuitive and multi-passionate
~ Following, trusting the pulse of my heart
I am alternative and visionary in nature
~ Fortunate for the guidance of Mother Earth
I am healing, continuously experimenting
~ Finding my way back home again and again
I am creative, listening & sensing deeply
~ Flowing with ease and grace on any dance floor & conversation
I am adventurous, playful and uberly curious
~ Freeing myself from what no longer serves

I am expressive, a dreamer, an Earth Guardian
~ Firmly speaking my Truth, giving permission for others too
I am compassionate, caring and cuddly
~ Facilitating sacred space to gather in circle
I am cyclical, wild, natural and sensual
~ Feminine principles are my way to harmony
I am unapologetically myself
~ Forging a courageous authentic path
I am honouring my interconnectivity
~ Favouring my lineage, all living beings
I am remembering
~ For there is no other way to peace and love.

“We are each responsible for appropriating our differences
and bringing forth our distinctness into the world.
No one else has precisely what we have to give.”
Gabrielle Roth

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