PsychoSpiritual Coaching

Are you ready to honour your unique
Authentic Path that is Calling your name?

It is a courageous, vulnerable, sovereign act. A spiraling return home to listen deeply to what resonates, feels in alignment and in coherence with your heart. A true devotion, to your well-being while uncovering your natural, unique, authentic expression and gifts. An invitation to honour your Truth, your ideals, and creative visions for this Emerging New World while releasing what no longer serves. Peeling off and shedding light to the layers of conditioning, repression, limiting beliefs, separation, stagnation, trauma, mask wearing to fit in.

A healing journey that asks to align to, get curious about, and trust in your Soul’s longings, in life’s grander invitations, as a constant unfolding.

This courageous path isn’t meant to be travelled alone. To the contrary, there is so much empowerment and comfort in receiving support, encouragement, being truly seen while sacredly held as one reveals their most profound fears, aspirations, blockages & desires. All co-existing, all possible doorways to enter, for greater self-understanding and acceptance.

I am here to deeply listen to what is alive, present, and burning inside of you. May you know such a healing & expansive space exists. You are given full permission to dream and to express your Truth unapologetically. You are meant for a truly vibrant, aligned, creative and authentic life that speaks from your precious and divine Essence.

May you remember.

Are you a highly sensitive being seeking to transition towards Soulpreneurship?
I am here to support you in reclaiming your sovereignty, creative power, intuitiveness, and authentic Truth, in service to your well-being and Soul's Callings.

The Invitations

Clarity & Alignment Session

An hour-long session meant to clarify any present issue that is leaving you feeling confused, stuck, or disoriented. A safe space to let any resistance and longings bubble up to the surface from the deep seas of your inner world.

An invitation to clear out the stagnant, murky waters to shift your energy, open to new possibilities, allowing inner movement and possible change to circulate again!

*Held either online, in-person or outdoors supported by Mother Earth (Montreal-based).

Expansive Transition Journey

A 3-month deep dive journey to reclaim, embody, express, and uncover your Soul’s Calling! A yummy mix of self-exploration, liquifying the old to create an engaged momentum towards your higher aspirations.

A transformational space to let the unique, creative, and courageous being that you are, take an authentic flight, bravely embracing and sharing your natural, vibrant colours.

A total of (6) one-hour long sessions scheduled to meet your own rhythm, follow-up emails and other possible personalized support.

*Held either online, in-person or outdoors supported by Mother Earth (Montreal-based).

Heart-Opening Intentional Ally

Offer yourself the additional support with loving and grounding Mama Cacao to join us in our in-person sessions.

We will take a moment to honour her, give thanks and whisper any intentions for her to receive. A beautiful plant medicine that nourishes and is in service to deepen your connection to your heart’s longings.


Is this Resonating with You?

Trust the pulls of your Soul! 

What awaits is a 20-minute discovery call dedicated to offer more ground to any questions you might have while also determining if the guidance you are seeking is aligned with what I can offer you.


“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Potential Questions You May Have

According to the International Coach Federation, coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 


This collaborative and confidential moment is fully dedicated to offer you an inward journey within, of self-discovery & understanding. A moment where you are given full permission to share whatever is alive & arising within you to be seen, heard, and given reflective sacred space for.

What can arise during a session are endless in possibilities, such as: greater clarity in path & decisions, awakening insights & desires, unearthing limiting beliefs & blockages, creating new pathways and forward movement, strengthening & aligning with a unique sense of purpose, developing self-awareness and acceptance.

A conversational dance between you and I, that honours your authentic Truth, allows you to understand and own your unique story, sense of who you are and what your place is in the World.

If you are looking for an integrative Transpersonal approach that will at once hold you in your Higher Callings and also the parts of your personality that are holding you back from your true potential & expansion, this work can potentially be aligned for you.

Psychosynthesis, is a unique framework that seeks to support all the different ways you come to experience yourself, validating them all while continuously guiding you to what brings you true aliveness, vitality and meaning. The natural process of individuation is inherent in this work and holds the complexities of our human nature so compassionately.

If you are seeking soul-alignment, reclamation of lost and repressed parts and committed to embodying your own unique Truth, I am here.

Intuitive in nature, I offer a grounding, compassionate, reassuring presence where one can softly come home to self.

Highly curious and investigative, I ask questions that allow one’s Truth to naturally come to the surface. Empathic, I leave spaciousness to deeply feel into the waters of emotions, or whatever is arising, giving full permission to be oneself unapologetically.

I seek to continuously offer a sacred space for self-understanding and acceptance while reminding of the potential that resides within through celebration and encouragements! 

I enjoy integrating mindfulness, somatic and nature-based practices as well as guided imagery in a session.

I believe in the power of being truly seen and heard. You are not alone. I follow your lead.

My educational and professional background is diverse, wholistic, integrative and for the most part, a reflection of my own healing journey.

Coaching wise, I trained and graduated from Psychospiritual Institute in 2024 and Kula Collective in 2023. I have studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and some continuous education with the Mindfulness Coaching School.

A lifelong student and practitioner of different conscious movement practices, embodiment and mindfulness hold an immense place in my life. My latest trainings and explorations have been in intuitive, authentic, and ceremonial dance. I have been a yoga practitioner for ten years, completing two YTTs (hatha & vinyasa) while embracing this wholistic practice and studying meditation, ayurveda, nidra and naada yoga.

For 8 years I was highly devoted as a plant-based, natural foods culinary arts teacher. I co-managed a holistic health centre, taught diverse classes, and co-created an educational platform for those seeking support and inspiration.

Surprisingly, for many, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in international business from Bishop’s University. The Soulpreneur has always resided within, just not in the classical way!

My diverse array of experiences and initiatives have allowed me to not only learn immensely about myself but also to recognize the importance of listening to one’s inner voice and trusting the surprises that unfold when one decides to live and lead from the heart. 

Most importantly, coaching is not a form of therapy and therefore, is not considered a healthcare profession. Coaching doesn’t work with mental health challenges specifically but instead, focuses on areas of self-exploration, clarity and direction, personal or professional project creation and goal setting, just to name a few.

In short, coaching is an invitation to support the client where they stand in present time, help clarify where and how they wish to create forward momentum in alignment with themselves while clearing away the dust of limitations.

First off, let’s connect via a discovery call so you can share with me what you are seeking, allowing us to feel each other out and see if all is in alignment and resonance.

We will determine together these elements (and more!):

– I offer two options: either a single clarity call or a 3-month journey together.

– If you live in Montreal (Canada) we can meet in-person or in-nature (location shared upon confirmation) and if not, the online option is totally available.

– You want to add a heart-opening ally to the in-person session? I can prepare you a delicious Cacao beverage which we can dedicate a moment to honour together.

So many ways to connect! A discovery call awaits!

“May we be curious and courageous enough to uncover our unique, authentic Callings, those in alignment with our heart and natural ways of being.”
Annik Mitterer

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