Sacred Gatherings

May we come together in circle, to remember the sacredness and interconnectivity of our existence. These invitations are meant to celebrate and honour our cyclical nature, our intimate bond with Mother Earth and offer a safe space to come back home to our authentic, creative power and Truth. These wholistic, ceremonial offerings are here to support you on your wild feminine journey!

Full Moon Liberated Dance

A ceremonial invitation to come celebrate and connect to your authentic nature through intuitive movement, plant medicine and the lunar cycle. Immersed in an expansive natural setting, let yourself bathe in this powerful lunar phase, an ideal time to offer thanks and gratitude for the preciousness of this life!

Lunar Women Circle

A ceremonial invitation to honour the introspective nature of the New Moon. Various invitations to connect with your intuition and creativity will be guided. Let us come together to share and voice our deepest dreams, longings, and present states of being in a supportive setting. 

Elemental Retreat

Mother Earth is one of the most direct teachers we can come to relate with. She is everywhere and available to us all for insight and healing. Personally, the greatest remembrance is that we are nature. May we come to honour the natural elements, as supportive allies for deepening our connection to this Earth and with ourselves.

Earth Retreat information coming soon!   

My Credentials & Experiences

Holding a wholistic well-being vision of The Wild Feminine Way,
I am a lifelong student and space holder for different embodiment practices, earth-based explorations, and healing arts modalities.

Healing Arts Modalities

∞ Sound Ceremony, Jaya & Saraswati (2024)
∞ Danza Medicina, Nai’a (2023)
∞ Contact Beyond Contact, Unity Space (2023)
∞ Dance as Medicine, Milena May (2023)
∞ Journey Dance, Toni Bergins (2022)
∞ 5 Rhythms workshops with Bettina Rothe, Erik Iversen & Marcia Wakarchuk Jones

Earth-Based Invitations

“Enseignant Guérisseur”, Sangha Yoga (2023)
∞ Introduction to the Spiritual Path of True Liberation, Shamanic Studies, ECTQ (2023)
∞ Ceremonial Cacao Space Facilitator (2023) 
∞ Attended various nature-based retreats 
∞ Former plant-based culinary arts teacher

Yoga Practices

∞ Nidra Yoga, Sangha Yoga (2023)
∞ Art of Meditation, Sangha Yoga (2021)
∞ Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, Studio Mile End (2021)
∞ Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Ashram (2014)

“Where we stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or by finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of Soul.”
Gabrielle Roth

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