Heart Medicine I Welcome You

Back in 2016, I felt a Call to connect with Mama Earth more profoundly. What emerged was working on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica. That is when I met Mama Cacao for the first time in her most natural and raw Essence. Not only did I get to witness her beauty, but I also got to learn how to care for her transformation. 

From knowing her ripeness, to fermenting and sun drying her seeds, I peeled off so many shells to uncover her bitter richness. Meditative it was. Eye-opening too, as I never saw what we all consume as chocolate the same way again. When you get your hands dirty, you naturally develop another kind of appreciation and respect. You bond differently. A relationship emerges.

During this trip in search for deeper connection, I was also introduced to two Cacao Ceremonies combined with a dance journey. Both nights were experienced completely differently. Her magic was synching with exactly what I needed. Memorable these celebratory nights were, as I melted more deeply into my heart. Energetic it was. New sensations arising. Tears and joy flowing freely. Permission granted to fully feel! 

As I returned back home from such an expansive journey, I kept these soothing experiences close to my heart. I continued embracing how beautiful Mama Cacao was, how connecting with her moved me. And yet, it is only 6 years later did she come knocking back at my door. Resurfacing this time more officially, more medicinally while attending a Cacao Ceremony in Montreal. My whole being vibrated again for her.

At a time where I needed to remember again and taste her invitation…
To Return to the Heart’s Wisdom

As I received my cup and gazed at her glossy brown beauty, I saw a half butterfly/half human dancing. I received a direct transmission to step into my dance path. That, she most certainly can do: Assist you on your devotional path. 

From then on, so many moments of connection unfolded as I conversed with her on a daily morning basis. She became a true teacher, a pathway to heart-centered wisdom. As her medicine was coming in direct resonance with my Soul, I attended a facilitator training to continue to deepen my relationship with her. 

Synchronistically, one of my dearest Soul Sister also joined. Sharing this experience with her was even more symbolic as Mama Cacao loves to be shared. She wants to be poured into our cups to converse with our deepest desires, longings, while allowing our emotional world to be heard, our sensitivity to expand. Plant medicines, allies on our path to true Remembrance. 

She has become…
A loving Earthly ally
A dear, wise confidant and teacher
A yummy pathway to my heart 
A doorway to my emotional and creative world 
A reminder of how good it tastes to be vulnerable and speak my Truth
A meditative moment where I can go within so gently
A sanctuary, that I love to share with others
She is all of that to me and so much more!

Gracias Mama Cacao
Gracias to all those in devotion to you, tending the land for your continuous well-being. 
I am here to serve you. 
I am here to honour your mission…

Opening our hearts
To deepen our connection with ourselves, others and Mama Earth 
At every sip, we feel and are reminded of such essentiality 
For greater peace, health, harmony and love in this fragmented world

May we return to the medicine of plants
May we return back home to our hearts
May we return to the Wild Feminine Way

If these words spoke to you, share to those who could benefit:

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