Early Dreaming, Early Rising

Back from a family camping weekend to one of my favorite places on Earth, this nature jewel holds a very special place in my heart. It started as a lover’s getaway, to my parents eventually joining to then my sister and my 2-year-old goddaughter, also making their way here! A place to share. To feel, play, breathe, relax, laugh, adventure and especially, to remember.

○ Remember our relationship to Nature.

○ Remember the wisdom of Mother Earth.

○ Remember how she so generously supports our nervous system.

○ Remember what it feels like, the effect she has on our overall well-being.

○ Remember the beauty and natural spectacle she offers so freely.

○ Remember to sync with her. As we are nature.

Gaïa remains my primary teacher. And so, I listen, I open up my senses and heart, I patiently wait to receive some insights from her. She always finds her way to me.

This time around, it was very clear what she wanted me to experience: “Mama Earth’s natural clock is the way.”

For three nights and mornings, I became totally in sync with her clock.

In the evenings, around the campfire, I was dozing off by 8pm. My body feeling the darkness, the invitation to retreat in bed.

In the mornings, I would awake by the singing of birds, the chirping of squirrels.

I did not resist.

I welcomed this way.

And it was so tasty.

I came every morning before sunrise on my mermaid rock. Feeling energized, regenerated from such an early good night sleep. I contemplated, meditated, and admired the view. Reading a few pages of my inspiring book. Starting slow, slow, slow, and deeply present with myself and nature.

Autumn Dream, this season, I will honour my sleep, my natural clock. I will let Mama Earth remind me of such importance. She knows the way. I remember. I am nature.

And so,

The evenings shortened

The mornings elongated

And she felt so well and at peace…

If these words spoke to you, share to those who could benefit:

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